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Electrical Infrastructure

It’s never been more important to work with a contractor whose respon¬siveness, efficiency and insistence on quality matches your own, we are prepared to excel in that role on every project. Our financial and talent resources run deeper than those of most other firms. Our customers can count on projects being planned, executed and completed safely, on time, on bud¬get and to every quality parameter.

Matrix Service Company can address the electrical needs of both utilities and industrial customers, spanning infrastructure, support systems and generation. We are highly experienced in the specialized requirements of high-voltage utility work. Our services cover electrical substations along with power transmission and distribution, smart grid design, as well as providing service restoration and troubleshooting. On the power generation side, we provide electrical and instrumentation services, industrial boiler construction and repair, as well as centerline installations. Utilizing this set of services we are a value-added partner that works with customers to deliver higher quality and better results through a highly collaborative relationship.

We know that delivering high value is about more than being a competent provider. It’s about building trusted, collaborative relationships with our customers and industry partners. We’re committed to offering a higher standard of quality, service and skill. Make the move to Matrix Service Company.