Move to a higher standard


Across the industrial sector new facilities are needed, aging plants must be updated and new technologies implemented. We help heavy industrial companies and public-sector organizations across the continent build and renovate, reconfigure and maintain their critical infrastructure.

The industrial and natural resources landscape continues to evolve rapidly. High growth in emerging economies is creating intense global competition for raw materials, spurring the mining and minerals industry to grow and modernize to maintain the high demand for its products. This global growth, combined with a highly productive manufacturing base and less costly, more abundant domestic energy is making North American industry more competitive. North America is on the cusp of an industrial resurgence. New facilities are needed and many existing industrial sites need to be rebuilt or revamped, as well as undergo regular industrial maintenance.

Matrix Service Company is rising to this challenge, helping industrial customers with engineering, renovation, retooling and new construction projects, as well as performing needed industrial maintenance. We’re also expanding key services such as industrial material handling, industrial cleaning and routine facility maintenance to better serve customer needs.